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Patient Info for 2023

Information for patients:

Before your appointment, you will be receiving an email from our patient portal that will ask you to fill out some forms prior to coming in for your appointment.  If you do not complete them prior to your appointment – please leave extra time before your appointment to complete forms in office before your appointment.


We are not an urgent care facility.  If you have urgent needs, please visit an urgent care during off hours.  Here are some great local resources for this:   Evergreen Urgent Care


Regarding insurance, If you have not yet met your deductible and your appointment is not an annual exam or other preventative service, we will be requiring a payment of $75 towards your appointment at the time-of-service.


Phone reception can be reached Mon-Sat (10AM – 6PM PST).  Reception will respond to phone calls/voice-mails during these hours only!  Calls or messages outside of these hours will be returned during working hours as soon as we possibly can.


We are out of the office on most Saturdays – and will be checking the patient portal Sunday – Fri only.  PATIENT PORTAL messages will reach us more directly outside of reception hours than voice-mails will.  You should have received an invitation to the patient portal when you first scheduled with CNM.  If you are having trouble with your patient portal account, please email Kristin directly at:

If you need to send a message to the office or doctor, please use the PATIENT PORTAL to do so.


This is the correct way to ask for any prescription refills (can take up to 72 hours to complete), quickly answered clinical questions (if it is an involved question – it is more appropriate to schedule a brief appointment), etc.  We often do not receive prescription refill requests that your insurance or pharmacy say that they have sent.  The best way to make sure your prescription will be refilled, is to make a request through your patient portal account online.


You can also make tricky appointment scheduling requests through the portal.  If it is straight forward scheduling issue – please continue to schedule directly through your Elation patient portal.

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