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Genetic Biohacking – Personalized Integrative Medicine at it’s best

What is you constitutional range of health?  How can we biohack your way into your most optimal physical and experiential reality?   Clinicians at CNM are here to help you do just that!


Opus23 is a software program that interprets raw genomic data. At the Comprehensive Natural Medicine, we then take the raw data and run it through Opus23. Opus23 then ‘translates’ the raw genetic data into clinically relevant and important information that the CNM staff physicians can then use to institute preventive or therapeutic actions.

How does it work?

23andme reports over 700,000 individual genetic markers called SNPS (pronounced ‘snips’). SNP stands for ‘single nucleotide polymorphism.’ Which simply indicates that at some point in the genome there was a variation in one of the letters of DNA (A,T,C,G) from what was normally to be expected. For example a person might have a SNP with a ‘C’ at that location, whereas a ‘T’ would be what would normally be expected. SNPs are very common, as each of us are uniquely different genetically from each other. Many SNPs have been associated with certain risks (such as diseases or susceptibilities.)

Opus 23 combs through the results and looks for these special SNPs. It then activates it own analytic machinery and reports back to the consultants any areas of special interest. This type of testing would have costs many tens of thousands of dollars as little as a few years ago; the fact that is available at such a reasonable cost is a testimony to the amazing developments in modern technology.

What’s the process?

If Dr. Blasi recommends you do a nutrigenomic assessment, you will be asked to contact the office to obtain a testing kit. When you receive the test kit you will have to collect a saliva sample, fill out the forms, and then mail it back.

In ~4 weeks you will receive an email that your results are ready.

Once we have the raw data, we then can load it into Opus 23 and begin our analysis.

What is a nutrigenomic consult?

When a clinician suggests running Opus 23 you will be asked to schedule a nutrigenomic consult. The consultants will analyze the Opus report data and relay its results back to you. Any specific recommendations regarding lifestyle changes, nutritional therapies, supplements or other naturopathic therapies will be discussed at that time. You will receive a fully curated report detailing the findings.


Your investment in Opus 23 will continue to grow with time. New functions are constantly being added to Opus 23. With each new release of Opus 23 your clinicians will continue to run you data through each new version.


Contact the office today to get started on your nutrigenomic exploration.

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